Legate Group’s primary service is the locating and recovery of missing vehicles in the UK and Overseas. In most, but by no means all, we are instructed by motor/asset finance lenders and fleet lessors when repossession agents have failed to locate/recover a vehicle. We will investigate the whereabouts of the vehicle and, if located, arrange for the vehicle to be recovered.

If we cannot locate the vehicle, we can prepare evidence (summaries of evidence, witness statements and exhibits) and report the circumstances to the relevant police service/action fraud. We accept cases for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Once reported stolen we will liaise with the police with a view to seizure of the vehicle or interview of the hirer to understand where the vehicle may be. Occasionally this may lead to charges and a prosecution.
There is no referral criteria and so if you have a missing vehicle it can be referred to Legate Group for investigation (providing it is not already reported stolen).

Theft and Fraud

Legate Group specialise in motor finance theft and fraud in the UK, with an international reach via trusted business partners.

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Overseas Repatriation

Legate’s reach extends beyond the UK as we provide a vehicle locate and recovery service to the vehicle finance sector and third parties including the insurance industry.

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Detect 365

Legate Group’s Detect 365 service is an essential tool to combat losses arising from stolen property and when other viable leads have been exhausted.

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Financial Intelligence

Legate Group can provide an essential outline of a potential defendant’s asset profile that will enable the creditor to make a sensible decision about the appropriate strategy to recover those losses.

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